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I've just been enrolled in a new study financed by the NIH, and given "the highest priority".  The study is for fully vaccinated participants, who received their last shot three months or more ago.  The unknown is "how long does effective immunity last".   The hypothesis is that it might wear off -- if so, fully vaccinated individuals might need a booster shot.  If so, the question that they want answered is "might a shot of the UNMODIFIED moderna vaccine be effective as a booster shot"  The NIH is hoping "Yes" -- that would save a lot of money -- it would be far more expensive to develop modified moderna or pfizer vaccines.  NIH is enrolling a total of 500 people in the study -- of which 50 are to be Rochesterians.

I am one of the 50.  Nine vials of blood were drawn from me this afternoon, and I received my shot of the moderna vaccine shortly afterward.  More blood will be drawn in the weeks ahead -- I think on Wednesdays.

And NIH will deposit $$ in my bank account.


  --  Saul

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Well, at least you get some money, and hopefully, they'll give you the blood test results :)

There is enough (and growing) evidence for me to believe that boosters are unnecessary, even if profitable.

Immunity from SARS Covid-1 appears to protect against SARS Covid-2, based on two separate studies I've seen. The two are considerably more different than any of the current variants, and yet there is immunity after more than a decade.

Enjoy the $$.

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