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CR Society / NHK tv (Japan) documentary -- June 12, 2004, Irvine, CA, USA


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CR Society / NHK tv (Japan) documentary -- June 12, 2004, Irvine, CA, USA

NHK tv (Japan) shot a documentary about the CR society in June 2004, Irvine, CA, at Nick Colby's home. The doc aired in Japan in Sept 2004. The CR Society was sent a raw-footage VHS tape of the original 12 June 2004 event for their own archives. Here is that raw footage. (1 hr 19 min).


Because of Google/YouTube's heavy censorship of certain science and videos, if you are interested in watching this doc, I highly recommend using the above Odysee link.

However, for as long as YT permits ... here is the SAME video on the Alphabet platform ....


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Thank you for sharing!

I'm really interested in watching back some of the old CR conference videos. Have they been put into a time capsule? 😄

They obviously exist out there in digital format somewhere that can easily be uploaded to the CR Society YouTube channel within a few hours. It's 2021, the information is quite old now, why not just upload them all? 🙂


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-Truly practiced CR for the most part. Few today based on the posts, but I'd also expect selection bias that the more motivated including "silent lurkers" are more likely to attend a formal conference. 

-Better educated, analytical, and more likely to be in technical fields (AI, chemistry, CPA, basic biology, etc, one attorney).

-Interesting filming. Lots of shots of food.


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