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Ladies & Gents,

Some of you might include glucosamine as part of your 'regimen' or 'stack' of supplements/vitamins&minerals, (I personally do and Michael Rae does as well); it might be one of the very few supplements that can reduce all-cause mortality in humans. a couple of refs if you're interested: 

Glucosamine for longevity - AGINGSCIENCES™ - Anti-Aging Firewalls™AGINGSCIENCES™ – Anti-Aging Firewalls™

Michael's "Tiered" Supplement - LONGECITY


I have always been a bit skeptical of buying over-the-counter supplements as they are not regulated by the FDA and I've seen more than one article or discussion over the years regarding the absolutely scandalous practices by suppliers from olive oil to ... well glucosamine.

CBC in Canada (where I call home) just published this story regarding WEBBER NATURALS glucosamine.

'Dead parrot' sketch invoked as B.C. judge OK's glucosamine sulfate class action | CBC News

I usually buy the Kirkland brand of glucosamine sulfate hoping that it actually contains the glucosamine sulfate claimed on the label.



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