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Steve Austad on CR


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The most interesting take homes are at the very end.

My listening was desultory, while multitasking, but what I grasped:

  • Mouse data often turn out not to be applicable to humans, for various reasons some of which discussed during the podcast
  • According to mouse data rapamycin is the most promising anti aging drug
  • According to human data, metformin is the most promising anti aging drug
  • As we know well, metformin has a wide record of extreme safety and has been use very extensively
  • The rapalog Everolimus 5 mg once a week has been studied in the vaccination data, seems to boost immune response as much as 20 mg per week. We go back to the intermittent dosage discussed in previous threads, but now a lower, safer dosage than what discussed (10 mg per week) seems to be effective.

I encourage you guys to add to my list or to correct uncorrect aspects, I sure missed something.

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