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Video vs. print/paper


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Thanks, I started listening to it and will finish on my walk later. It's an interesting hit-piece, even though much of the details are true :)

As to video vs articles, they both have their place and it's silly to debate the issue. It's like college lectures and textbooks.

Articles are great for deep dives, videos and podcasts are great to get an overview from which to deep-dive if needed.

Of course, if someone hates one or the other, they are free to ignore information presented in such a format. It's their loss, generally.

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6 hours ago, mccoy said:

Video/audio has the indisputable advantage of information absorbable while doing other things like driving and walking. Data tables and figures cannot be examined though in audio and are not always very clear in videos.

Video/audio requires too much of a time commitment when I am at my desktop and is a distraction when I am driving or walking.

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15 hours ago, mccoy said:

Data tables and figures cannot be examined though in audio and are not always very clear in videos.

Not sure you've been watching the RIGHT videos, man  .... case in point .... (you'll need to watch the whole thing .... I find it anything but boring)

 A well-video formatted (=succinct)  video can convey info accurately by  showing you -- with your own two eyes -- all the papers and stats from the heavyweight sources, provide the Reference links below the video, and allow viewers to comment unrestricted. Video also allows one to gauge the validity of the presenter's argument via body lang cues, etc (Search YouTube for "body language"). 

I don't listen to podcasts/audio while doing physical activity (biking, walking) ... that's music time. ... that's free-thinking time. Podcasts or radio news are okay during household chores or meal prep.  I also don't watch TV or Netflix or movies. VERY boring, IMO ... unlike the new formats ... like YT vlog above!

As far as YouTube videos -- like the one above -- they get my full, undivided attention. When one's life and health depends on it, I think one should accept whatever input one's brains likes and accepts. However, if videos bore you or you just can't accept them for whatever reason, then don't go there ... stick with what works best for you. 

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Khashmi, would you try and watch even part of a video while driving? I've been tempted to do so but I'm too keen on my life. Most of the videos I listen to is while driving or walking or doing chores as you say. The only videos I watch are those related to mathematics, when I have time. Some of'em are really good.

One of the most recent ones I liked was this one, even though I didn't understand much of it. The cognitive challenge though is told to enhance brain neurotrophic factors.



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