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Casu martzu a Sardinian blue zone super food?

Todd Allen

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Who is sufficiently committed to maximizing life span if research finds casu martzu is a key to longevity in Sardinia?


I *might* try it if being able to leap nearly 20 times ones body length was an ability inheritable through ingestion but I don't think merely living longer would be compelling enough for me.

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An extreme take on the concept of feeding the biome it’s favorite fermented food. The maggot idea is off putting, an exaggeration of ordinary fermentation organisms, or my little worm who sometimes appears in my beloved apple. I heard mimolette cheese, which is popular has mites. Didn’t see any when I ate it. I do love eating weird foods though.

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I remember I've seen such cheese when a young boy, about 35 years ago. After that, that kind of rotten, live cheese has become ever rarer and now illegal. Some people used to call it 'walking cheese' in my place. The strangest thing is that quite a few people were convinced that the larvae were borne by the cheese itself, some kind of autogenesis without external intervention. When I tried to explain to them that it was flies' eggs, they just didn't believe me.

Right now, a similar, soft and sour cheese is commercialized by the same name, but without its inhabitants.

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