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Recent sexual harassment allegations against Aubrey de Grey


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Strong calorie restriction reduces -- but does not eliminate -- the sexual urge in males (but,  as I recall, not as much, if at all, in females).

Michael Rae, and many others, have a high opinion of Aubrey.   But, unlike Michael,  Aubrey does not believe that CRON will extend lifespspan (of course, there's a lot of early evidence that it probably, at least, is likely to increase healthspan).

Aubrey does not practice calorie restriction. 

(Reread line 1).

  --  Saul

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It certainly would be curious to know which is more damning: maintaining a close relationship with a figurehead who made uncouth sexual comments, or severing connection with the face of the company and most renowned person in the entire field of research.  I guess the SENS board knows what the donors care about...or at least they think they do.

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Michael Rae *relies* on Aubrey for recognition/status/etc. It's sad he doesn't have more status than what he has now (and is like a total unknown to most newbies in the longevity field).

PS: the second report "cleared him" of the worst possible allegations, but there are smaller allegations of "general creepiness" that just haven't been.. properly addressed.. (and are SUPER-TRICKY to properly address)

It's sad too, b/c he has been super-helpful to many early-stage people, and is just way way way more approachable than most others in the space (plus he historically had access to a rich network of donors), and he was just more weird-friendly than many ofthe others.

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This is what Aubrey just recently posted regarding this on his facebook account:

(1) Facebook

I am highly gratified by many aspects of the statement posted today by SRF's board of directors (see facebook.com/sensf/). As follows:
1) For the first time, and some might say rather belatedly, the board has stated that "Dr. de Grey is not a sexual predator". The issue thus arises: is the board accusing Celine Halioua of defaming me? It sure seems so. I'm sure that the truth will emerge soon, whether or not under oath.
2) The board's statement notes that "A number of our members need to move on to other endeavors". While I am sure that a LARGE number of board members wish, in hindsight, that they had moved on rather a long time ago, this is clearly a case of better late than never. But since various board members who expressed an intent to step down many months ago are still mysteriously in place, I'm not holding my breath. Encouragement might not hurt.
3) Above all, I am delighted to note the board's statement that "we will do all we can to assure you we are navigating this situation in a manner that honors our mission and FIDUCIARY DUTIES" (my capitalisation). There is a rather clear, and publicly-stated, view of many donors that the board have been grossly derelict in their core fiduciary duty to comply with donor intent, including by unjustly removing me from control over the process of deciding how their money is spent. Thus, it will be quite interesting to see how the conversation between board and donors concerning why I was just re-fired plays out going forward.
I remain as committed as ever to restoring SRF to its former glory as the unique, irreplaceable tip of the longevity spear. That is where my strengths lie and have always been seen by my donors to lie, and I will remain as loyal to those donors as they have always been to me.
I also need to mention that I have again been deprived of my sens.org email address. Moreover, and unlike my previous interregnum, the "out of office" message that those who write to that address receive does not even provide my personal address. Thus, here it is: alwaysmyself@mail.com (note, mail.com not gmail).



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Wow, that Facebook post and comments sure makes it feel like a hit job on AG's career.  It's kind of sad to see what looks like a future of the small amount of research money being split in even more ways, since I expect AG to continue on forming another similar enterprise in the near future.  I had high hopes for the SENS approach and they are diminished now.

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