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Thanks Todd for underlining the glitches from the compass algorithm. Clearly, that's not an algorithm for keto or low carbers. Clearly, it doesn't work 100%. Maybe it penalizes saturated fats too much.

Fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds are in the suggested foods though and that means it's in the right direction. Meat tends to be discouraged and that's right on the whole. I don't know about dairy products.

Of course that's not for specific categories of people. For example, not so young people who start to have glitches in their glucose homeostasis, like myself. 

I didn't find a site where I can look up the different, single foods though.

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On second thought it is dangerous that foods like cheerios can bypass the algorithm. Once junk food manufacturers discover that adding vitamins and minerals and polyphenols and some fibers gives the junk morsel a high compass score, the method will become useless.

@ saul: I don't know if cronometer has an advising algorithm, I think not.

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2 hours ago, Mike Lustgarten said:

Although it's preposterous that some of those foods got decent scores (Lucky Charms!), that list is not the entire Food Compass, which contains 100 pages of data. Someone cherry-picked the worst rankings and posted them as if that's the whole story.

I agree about that, it remains the question on how those foods were able to bypass the compass algorithm. If I were a junk food manufacturer, I would try and take advantage of such weak points and have my junk products classified with a high score.

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