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Nutrition and longevity drugs


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I don't know if this article has been cited elsewhere in the forum, it appears to be very interesting, although it's a mice trial. Basically it says that diet is a more powerful tool than metformin, resveratrol and rapamycin are in improving longevity (based on benchmarks in the liver of mice...). I still have to read the whole.

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1550413121005283?via%3Dihub#:~:text=Nutritional reprogramming of mouse liver proteome is dampened by metformin%2C resveratrol%2C and rapamycin

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10 hours ago, Sibiriak said:

Thanks.  Some further details in this Science News article:

Diet trumps drugs for anti-aging and good metabolic health

It looks like they focused on calories and macro nutrient ratios but not food quality.  Although it is hard to quantify food quality my experience is it deserves more attention.  I wonder to what degree research findings would remain relevant in a context of less processed higher quality foods.

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Well.... I think we would agree, that this study really doesn't support any vast conclusions.


Just to be clear: I believe that the worst possible nutrition decisions can't be compensated by some longevity drug. If you are morbidly obese and severely overfed on a particular macro-nutrient and/or given a particular damaging form (2 kg pure sugar/fructose instead of 2 kg of complex carbs every day) no amount of rapamycine will be able to rescue your health.


Still, it would be interesting to see actual mortality data or at least disease burden/progress instead of just a few biomarkers. The current design really doesn't allow comprehensive conclusions (let alone for humans), but are merely hypothesis forming.

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