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Vaccine alter senescent cells


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A new vaccine that alters senescent cells in a way that pushes the immune system into removing them

the researchers have developed a vaccine that creates antibodies that attach to senescent cells, marking them for removal by white blood cells.

The team was able to create the vaccine after identifying a protein made in senescent cells but not in healthy active cells.

The researchers first tested their vaccine by injecting it into mice bred for arterial stiffening, a condition caused by the buildup of senescent cells. This reduced the number of senescent cells in the stiffened arteries. The team then injected the vaccine into old mice and found that doing so reduced their degree of frailty and other symptoms associated with aging.


[As I read the above article, I thought about the current vaccine hesitancy and wondered if the vaccine is as good as described, what would be the arguments against it.   CB]

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