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Newish to CR for longevity - critique my diet?


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Hello folks,   the following is my current diet.  I have not really been counting calories.  I have had this same diet for a year or so, but have cut down on the quantity recently.  I am in my 40s, 6'1" 160 pounds.  my goal is CR for longevity.

Lunch:  GIANT leafy green salad - chard, kale, others.. with a table spook of olive oil, and some feta.  Also, I will have a mixed bean chili.  chickpeas black beans, tomato sauce maybe some cheese.  + some almonds or macadamias (an ounce)

Dinner: GIANT bowl of mixed steamed veggies - broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and more.  some more nuts(an ounce), then maybe some more protein like 2-3 ounces of chicken, or some tofu, or edamame.  I frequently have chickpea pasta, or some other natural carb/protein source.

I am thinking about 1800 calories is probably about right for me right now.  out side of macro counts, am I missing any nutrients?


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15 hours ago, Saul said:

It's best to make breakfast the largest meal

This is debatable. From a glucose control perspective it may be best, from an optimal sleep perspective it may not be best. Thankfully it's pretty easy for most people to judge their own quality of sleep and adjust as needed. 

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Paul McG favored a carbohydrate-higher meal later in the day for sleep.  A heavy late meal weighs heavy on the stomach when gravity is no longer on your side and the heat of digestion counters the reduction of body temperature at night, I believe.  It sure does for me with my weak diaphragm on the left side.

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