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Longevity Science Podcast

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Hi all! My name is Aastha and I joined this forum a few months ago but haven't introduced myself yet. My journey into longevity started with a personal interest in optimizing my health and living longer. When I started fasting, doing mild CR, sleeping better and practicing other longevity measures, I started feeling much better & more energetic. I decided to start a newsletter to make people aware on the science behind a longevity lifestyle.

I now host the Live Longer World Podcast where I have conversations with scientists & entrepreneurs in the field of longevity science! Guests have included Dr. Morgan Levine, Matt Kaeberlein, Nir Barzilai, Jean Hebert and more. 

I thought I'd share it with this group who would likely enjoy the podcast. I plan on releasing an episode every Tuesday!

If you want to follow along, you'll find the episodes on my YouTube, Apple, all platforms on my website. And I also notify people and send show notes through my newsletter, if you wish to sign up!

Excited to be part of the group and please let me know for any feedback you have on the podcasts 🙂

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