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Say no to Metformin (unless you're diabetic)

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Dr Brad Stanfield

Metformin is a molecule that I personally took because of initial encouraging data. However, a massive 2021, randomized, placebo-controlled trial was published showing that for non-diabetic people, there was no benefit from taking metformin.

Here is the latest metformin research: 



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I listened to the video and that's interesting, but now there is an ongoing specific trial (I hope it kept on after the lockdowns)  the TAME clinical trial on humans designed by dr. Barzilai, with 1500 mg metformin daily. When the trial will be over perhaps we'll know much more about the longevity properties of this drug.

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19 hours ago, Clinton said:

Is this real life?

LOL, that drug belongs to the group of SGLT-2 inhibitors, they inhibit the reuptake of glucose in the kidney as far as I remember, it is often cited by Peter Attia, who probably takes it instead of metformin, as being very effective in decreasing blood glucose.

Some doctors like Jason Fung are not enthused about it, since it may have some serious effects like urinary infection and fungal growths. 

It's also useful in diabetic people who also exhibit cardiovascular issues, since it seems to be cardio protective.

Inquiline's reference is related to some longevity strategies which imply use of drugs. Rapa may tend to elevate BG and cholesterol, so Met and other antidiabetic drugs are used.

However, there are different schools of thought.

Matt Kiberlin underlines the advantages of Rapamacyn and says metformin is of little use for longevity, based on his studies on dogs.

Nir Barzilai underlines the advantages of Metformin and says Rapamycin is of dubious use for longevity and potentially dangerous, based on his extensive studies on humans.

As I wrote in a previous post, the TAME trials may suggest, when concluded, if metformin is really advantageous for longevity. Its pro is that it remains one of the most relatively harmless drugs.

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48 minutes ago, mccoy said:

Its [metformin's] pro is that it remains one of the most relatively harmless drugs.

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Unless you might want to have kids soon:

Rare genital defects seen in sons of men taking major diabetes drug

Large study hints that taking metformin before conception could raise risk of birth defects


Reassuringly, the researchers saw no effect in offspring of men who took the drug earlier in life or in the year before or after the 90-day window of sperm production. “It really has to do with taking it in that window when the sperm … is being developed,” says senior author Michael Eisenberg, a urologist at Stanford Medicine.

The team also found no additional risk in unexposed siblings of metformin-exposed babies, or in infants of diabetic fathers who took insulin or were not on metformin. All those findings suggest it’s the drug’s impact on sperm formation, rather than diabetes or another factor intrinsic to the men, that’s responsible.


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Dean, thanks for disabusing me of the 'relatively harmless' notion. Such updates remind us that it is far better to try and control metabolic health by natural means like caloric restriction and diets moderate in carbs and saturated fats (plus intensive exercise, which not everyone has the time to do, unfortunately).

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