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Collagen Protein & Extracellular Matrix During Aging | Dr. Collin Ewald

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Can longevity interventions boost healthspan at old age? How do changes in collagen protein contribute to aging? Is there a connect between cancer & collagen damage? Which collagens overexpress with age?

This week on the Live Longer World podcast is Dr. Collin Ewald discussing all about our Extracellular matrix (the environment of our cells), the collagen proteins that make up the matrix and the changes to collagen that occur with age. He discusses the relevance of collagen composition in the detection of disease risk and how it can even be used as a biomarker for health!

Find the podcast: YouTube | Apple or all platforms below

Show Notes + Transcript + All Platforms:

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he talks about a single-SNP collagen and longevity. "collagen is a very expensive protein to make" (long transcripts?)

hemidesmosome protein from basement membrane to muscle (mechanotransduction) in c elegans longevity


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Collagen is another supplement with dubious science, shoddy studies, and applicability to human health/longevity. I may of course be wrong, but my opinion is based on what I have read over the years, and I am yet to see anything to convince me that it has real benefit, other than to those involved in making or selling it.

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