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Hibernation confirmed to slow aging


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"A new study shows that aging slows to a crawl when yellow-bellied marmots hibernate. These large ground squirrels are able to virtually halt the aging process during the seven to eight months they spend hibernating in their underground burrows, the researchers report.


All of these hibernation-related conditions -- diminished food consumption, low body temperature and reduced metabolism -- are known to counter the aging process and promote longevity, the researchers said. This delayed aging is likely to occur in other mammals that hibernate, they said, because the molecular and physiological changes are similar."


The secret to longevity? Ask a yellow-bellied marmot


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But I'm extremely skeptical that, even a hibernating Arctic ground squirrel would do very well outside the Earth's magnetosphere -- I think that the ubiquitous cosmic rays of outer space would damage it severely.

So I'm skeptical about the ability of humans to get to Mars, and survive, whether in not in an induced torpor-resembling state.

  --  Saul

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Cosmic Rays, outside the Earth's magnetic field, are far more deadly than any form of radioactivity on -- or near -- our planet (Earth's magnetic field includes the moon and the International Space Station). 

I'm very skeptical about space travel by humans outside that field -- for example, on a trip to Mars.  It would be interesting to see how long a hibernating arctic squirrel -- the most extreme hibernating animal -- would survive -- while hibernating -- outside that field. 

My opinion -- it would be severely sick and then die.

  --  Saul

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