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Reversed Aging in Mice

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I’m not able to read the entire paper on Nature, but they don’t discuss lifespan.

They do say that the yamanaka factors applied in-vivo were able to reverse epigenetic clocks in skin and kidney.

Reading the abstract the author’s describe true age reversal- assuming that epigenetic clocks are a true reflection of age.

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The mice lived 30% longer:

"Encouraged by this result, the team used the same short reprogramming method during cyclic periods in live mice with progeria. The results were striking: Compared to untreated mice, the reprogrammed mice looked younger; their cardiovascular and other organ function improved and—most surprising of all—they lived 30 percent longer, yet did not develop cancer. On a cellular level, the animals showed the recovery of molecular aging hallmarks that are affected not only in progeria, but also in normal aging."


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So using the same Yamanaka factors - but only 3 of the 4 (or 5); Sinclair explains it once again here, AND he says that THEY ARE TRYING THIS RIGHT NOW in non-human primate trials.

This is the real deal - instructing all tissues that they are a different age.

Biotracking, Age Reversal & Other Advanced Health Technologies (lifespanpodcast.com)

Any issues using this link??







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