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BMI question


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Welcome Turtles!

There seems to be a pretty wide range of BMIs (19-24) that are equivalently good for longevity for someone around your age, as you can see in the graph in this post:

Some people who used to be active around here believed (and probably still believe) that with optimum nutrition, you may be able to squeeze out a few more healthy years of life by dropping calories slowly until you reach a BMI around 17 (or even 16). But since you are starting at 60 and given that postmenopausal women have trouble with bone loss and sarcopenia, I'd very skeptical of such advice if I were you.

Instead I'd argue (and have in this thread) that if you maintain your BMI about where you are now, make sure your diet is near optimal (using Cronometer to get the nutrients right and sticking with mostly whole plant foods) and you engage in regular weight-bearing and aerobic exercise, then you will be doing about as well as you can when it comes to maximizing your chance of living a long and healthy life.


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