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Has anyone checked pesticide levels in urine/bloodwork?

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Pesticide levels have gone up dramatically according to this CDC article. Apparently even the "organic" certifications are not rigorous at all according to a local farmer I spoke to about it. IF a farmer pays enough money, they can get an organic certification, and will only get tested once per year. I would imagine with the amount of produce and legumes and grains we eat while practicing a plant-based diet levels would be pretty high. Has anyone specifically tested for any of these pesticides like glyphosphate etc?

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I tested gliphosat a year ago, just for curiosity because I am not on the risk to have it high.

It was 1.06ng/ml while EU norm is <0.6.

My diet was plants only, almost raw plants and I was lazy to wash them very thorously like many people do (my bad). 2700kcal/day approx.

Mostly non-organic.


Also on my location the norms are not the strictest on one hand, also industrial agriculture is less optimized on other.

So I suspect other bad things could be on my table in more unpleasant quantities.


IMHO testing for glifo in particular makes no big use unless somebody lives close to the places of its active usage (or is doing farmership with it on bis/her own).

The traditional bad things are rather a bad strain of e.coli that could be in organic produces and nontricky -cides in higher quantities, so washing / cooking is the only way to manage it.




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