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Quantifying Biological Age: Blood Test #4 in 2022

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Since you mentioned it, what's the story behind keeping the fibre intake lower and not increasing it to above your average (of course, having a fibre intake in the 80-100g range is already outstanding to say the least). It is interesting to see that beets and watermelon came out as "superfoods" in your analysis. I am also a little curious why you take a conservative approach with some changes. For example, in your data it is clear that protein intake, saturated fat intake, and cholesterol intake are all correlated with a number of biomarkers going in the wrong direction (-5, -8, -9). Why not just drop these drastically rather sticking with modest reductions? I would love to know more about your hormonal numbers and how they look. I watch most of your videos and give you a huge amount of credit for what you are pursuing - your dedication, commitment, and the level of scientific rigour you apply is remarkable. Keep us the great work and keep on sharing it!

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Thanks drewab! I could easily go over 100g/d, mostly with more broccoli (500 - 100g/d), but broccoli is significantly correlated with worse CV metrics, including RHR and HRV in my data. Broccoli contains goitrogens, and when considering that I'm hypothyroid, there may be a connection. Nonetheless, I'm relatively close to my fiber average since 2015, and overall the biomarkers are youthful, so I'm ok with 90g/d for now.

I have a range of data for protein, sat fat, etc. but I find that absolutely lower is not necessarily better for those nutrients. Protein intake will also impact muscle mass, so I'm not looking to protein restrict because the biomarkers tell that story, while also limiting exercise-induced muscle mass gains. For the 2022 tests, the blood test data has been consistent in terms of better than 2018-2021 data, and 1 reason is because my macros and micros are now finally in a narrow range, but after many years/tests of varying the range.

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