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Books about ageing and longevity

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Could you recommend some books about ageing process/longevity/life extension?
So far I read  Longo's "The Longevity Diet" and the one from Brian Delaney, Fontana's "The Path to Longevity" but I am looking especially for something that would summarize current knowledge about aging process or how to stop it like Aubrey's "Ending Aging"

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Could also be useful as a wide (not too wide to be boring) review of areas being researched


Reviews on Biomarker Studies in Aging and Anti-Aging Research

Paul C. Guest

Proteomics, Metabolomics, Interactomics and Systems Biology
ISSN 0065-2598
ISSN 2214-8019 (electronic)
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
ISBN 978-3-030-25649-4 ISBN 978-3-030-25650-0 (eBook)

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