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Caloric Restriction Deep-Dive & Longevity Secrets of Long-Lived Animals | Dr. Steven Austad

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Thanks, it's going to be my next listening, by the way we already discussed Dr. Austad in some other threads, especially so his studies which revealed that some strains of lab mice do live longer with CR, whereas other strains live shorter with the same amount of CR!

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Listened to the interview, the original idea is that of studying warm-blooded animals who do exhibit longer lives instead than animal like mice who exhibit very short lives. Genetic diversity may govern the response to CR, among individuals of the same species. This would entail that some of us would benefit from CR, others would be harmed. How to know that? Not explained, probably not known. 

I don't agree perfectly with his blue zones skepticism, in Ogliastra, Sardinia, checks have been made on birth certificates and ultra centenarians are genuine, the Melis family has the highest concentration of long-lived humans known. As stated in other discussion, my belief is that genetic setup may govern in these areas rather than epigenetic factors (the latter of course have their importance but would not be the main cause). Also, the presence of a social structure which prevents starving is important, since malnutrition was a real risk in those poor areas, a factor which might have jeopardized favourable genetics.

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