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Plasma Dilution Shown to Rejuvenate Humans

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More work from the Conboy lab. Also there is a 40 person study starting up on this from a commercial company called Lyfspn. Since plasmapheresis is a pre-existing established FDA-approved procedure, in theory this could be rolled out fairly quickly to the public at large?


"The researchers took a look at the variances in protein expression (proteomic noise) in order to use it as a biomarker. This noise is difficult to analyze with such a small sample group, so they focused on proteins that greatly change in standard deviation from young people to old people, and from older people without cognitive disease to older people that do have it.

A total of ten proteins were found to be useful as biomarkers under this analysis. Very interestingly, the team’s calculations and analysis concluded that this noise shows that the biological age of people with cognitive disease is equivalent to 130 years old, an age to which no one has yet lived. Their results also show that this biomarker is dropped by decades in people who have undergone TPE."





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