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Common cold / typical flu dose-response study (human or animals)

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Please help find my earlier discussion on the Title topic as I'd rather post in that thread!

Can't recall my exact words ... but something along the lines of:


Cold/flu lab study for students (as in a Univ. campus). You sign up to get enrolled into a study where researchers DELIBERATELY swab you (in nose) with a common cold / flu virus.

You spend a few days in a lab where your symptoms -- if any -- are monitored.

Something like this -- https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/40/9/1263/370417 

You are paid to participate but -- unlike above -- students were DELIBERATELY infected.

I recall a few local or national TV spots of studies like this -- many years ago -- that ran the story. Can't find any info on such studies anywhere on the Interwebs! 



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Thanks Dean!

I ( as "Khashmi316" or" Khashmi317" profile names) am pretty confident I created a dedicated thread on the topic. Can't see to find it now??? 

And it is not in the "CR vs. common illness" thread, as the one I'm referring to was created "post COVID".

Anyway, the OP of this thread pretty much summarized the topic of the original.

Yeah .. I've went thru most to the Google and DuckDuckGo search hits like the NIH link you noted.

Is it me who alone who is going crazy in assuming:

(1) researchers have isolated pathogens KNOWN to cause pathology (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc)

(2) pathogens are further incubated and saved (cold storage, growth media) for later use (perhaps like vaccines made from weakened pathogens)

(3) that these pathogens are purchasable and orderable to universities and academia like, e.g. Charles River rodents

(4) that animal or human experiments are not routinely done for ailments like the common cold

Maybe a bit like:




Keywords: BCS, British Common Cold Study, The Common Cold Project

Alan, do you have the full PDF of any of these papers?


Whoa, Nelly! It seems like that place down the street from you, Dean, has: Pittsburgh Cold Study 1/2:



... administered nasal drops containing either rhinovirus 39 (RV39; n=147) or rhinovirus 21 (RV21; n=129).



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