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Yet another fraudulent study from a "respected" journal (this time: Nature, 2006, Alzheimer’s)


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5 hours ago, KHashmi317 said:

As reported recently on Joe Rogan:

No doubt taking advantage of Nature's vulnerability, its main  rival Science reports:


Hi Khurram!

Yes; that's for real.  Lesné has been doctoring images in bogus papers on Alzheimer's for a long time.  There were previous posts in this group about this character -- I'm inclined to say "crook".

  --  Saul Lubkin


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On 10/3/2022 at 2:44 PM, Gordo said:

The most likely explanation, according to Cambridge University mathematician Sarah Rasmussen, is that the authors purposely submitted a ridiculous paper in order to expose "predatory journals" that purport to be normal, peer-reviewed publications, but in reality apply little scrutiny to material that they publish, often in order to collect publication fees.

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