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best ref for blood lab ranges on CR or WFPB vegan diets that differ f/ wider population avg


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What are the canonical refs for blood lab ranges on extremely healthy diets like CR when they differ from wider population averages but in ways that may not indicate unhealthiness given the unusual diet? I'm assuming something by Fontana from the study(-ies) he did on human CR practitioners, but not sure which ref if any goes into the more comprehensive set of lab values not just the most notable ones.

For example, besides low WBC (which has been discussed in these forums and Fuhrman's forums), after getting even more serious about eating more veggies and less sugars, oil, & salt on my WFPB vegan diet, I'm seeing slightly low BUN & BUN/creatinine ratio (known to be lower with low protein diets) and slightly low chloride (perhaps not surprising given the only ~700-750mg/day provided from ~2100 calories of natural whole plant foods, consistent with Dean's sodium consumption also on WFPB but higher cal, as discussed in the salt thread recently). Is there a ref that goes into most common labs such as these and not just cholesterol and other basic stuff?

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