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Age Calculator Using Standard Blood Test


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I have been reading Michael Lustgarten's  site.  I am fascinated by his attempts to quantify biological age and using his diet to try to get the best outcomes.  Most Age Calculators that use blood test, include tests  one wouldn't routinely  get during a regular doctor's visit,   I wanted to find one that would just have the tests I get from my internist/cardiologist at NYU Langone.  I found one. It is what Lustgarten has used called Al 3.0.  He tries optimize his diet to see if he is going in the right direction.

This is the same one I used today.  The 3.0 has the least amount of tests.  It is from an anti aging clinic in Hong Kong.  I  I put in the blood test I took on Sept. 27, 2022.  It told me I have a biological age of 37.  What is laughable is that I have some health issues and I am 73.  I had A-fib first diagnosed a few years ago.  I have had three ablations, and four cardioversions.  After my last ablation I was in normal rhythm for about a year, but recently EKG detected a flutter.  My Electro-Cardiologist told me this month that it is nothing to be concerned about it is something that presents itself in some people after multiple ablations.  My response was, "Oh cool".    

Anyway, although I try to practice CR and eat mostly a plant based diet, I do have bad food binges. often.   My exercise program is what I would call a minimum fitness program.  

I was just wondering what others think of Age Calculators.  Lustgarten is 47 chronologically and his Biological age is always shows him to be in his 30's.   Me too, only I am chronologically 73 and don't do a tenth of what he does to try to keep  aging in check.   



Screenshot 2022-10-21 132022.png

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Hey Pete533, aging.ai (or Levine's test) don't include metrics related to cardiovascular fitness, including HRV and RHR, so it's possible to have suboptimal CV function but good blood biomarkers. That's 1 reason why I also track many variables (BP, lung function, etc) outside of blood biomarker-based calculators.

For the data on how aging.ai correlates with chronological age and all-cause mortality risk, see this video:


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Yes, I assumed there had to be something more.  I didn't think I was going to live to 103, all things considered. Sorry if this post sounded critical.  I respect your work. Although I do know a 100 year old who lives on her own, with an aide that comes in a few hours a day.  She has lived that long in good health despite of what she does, instead of because of it. 

My Godmother lived to be 102 and her husband lived to be 98, which I think had more to do with their positive attitude more than anything else. 


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Yes, I get that.  The men in my family usually stroke out in their mid 70's.  I have two older brothers I frequently contact to see how they are in one my say a very calculating way.  One is 76 and the other just turned 82.  The one who turned 82, had a bypass about 5 or 6 years ago, although his doctor always told him his cholesterol was good. 

This prompted me to more strict in  my diet and ask my doctor to put me on a statin.  

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