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Do I look younger or older than my age ?


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Hi, I am 25 years old, actually still 24, I have been practicing calorie restriction for most of my adult life, not really counting any calories, but I base all my lifestyle on moderation, I believe our bodies are like temples and where I come from, from one of the world blue zones, in southern Italy, I always remember my mother saying “ You should not eat until completely full”, always get up from the table feeling slightly hungry . My mother did not eat a healthy diet, compared to the centenarians of blue zone regions, but definitely she ate less than the average European I know. I live abroad now yea but anyway. I am very active, I run 40 km a week about. when I don’t run I like to swim, cycle, hike in the forest. I like movement and an active lifestyle. I eat about just under 2000kcal most days, some about 2200kcal, rarely I eat 2500kcal. I usually know when to stop eating and fill my stomach just enough to nourish me and leave that space. I wonder how do I look for people my age? Since I don’t really have anyone to ask to, I live alone so I wonder what do you think? 




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