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Root Canals, Heart Attack, Stroke and Immune Compromisation

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You'll have to do the legwork yourselves ... and just watch the videos below. Plenty of Googlable info and books on the topic readily avail w/search.

Bottom line: if you've got root canals, get rid of those teeth (tooth) ... maybe even living w/o them.





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Myself (for the record) ... no root canals. A few childhood mercury fillings. All still in; never lost one. 

Dentist extracted wisdoms in late teens (damn! --- what a sham that is). 

About those childhood fillings .... all we know is that dentists ALLEGED there were cavities and they be filled in per std. procedure. Who really know what EXACTLY dentists found?!! I.e the pick that sticks (cavity) test, etc.

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None of these videos provide any evidence of observational (or clinical) studies, associating root canals with mortality or disease outcomes (from minute 24 in the last video).


There must be dozens of millions of people with root canals in the US. So do you have a link to observational studies linking it to major cardiovascular events or even better mortality?

That should be a really easy association to control for in the major health databases. If there are no observational studies on that - why? I'm not talking about a clinical study. Just a plain simple observational study like the UK biobank.


Otherwise all what they are saying is speculation based on bio markers and in-vitro data. In other words: very low quality scientific evidence - that should not be the basis of major health decisions.

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Funny enough:

the only study that I can find, associates root canals with a decreased long term mortality - compared to alternative treatments such as removing the tooth:



Now - you should not give too much importance to this study. Its just over 500 individuals in the observational dataset. That's far too small to do proper statistical analysis to account for con-founders. But it emphasizes the question: root canals are not CRON. It's a really common procedure. And likely to be included in one of the roughly 2 dozen major observational health databases that exist.

Why has nobody done simple observational analysis then?

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