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Help, Advice on how to start Extended water fasts into my life with CRON


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Currently consuming 1850 calories per day

my macro ratios are

Carbs:Protein:Fat = 17:15:68

51% of my diet consists of EVOO, I consume around 108 grams per day (117 ml)

I follow OMAD mornings and feel amazing, my body has become better fat adapted and only past few days have I felt almost endless energy (been on this high fat diet and low carbs for 3 months)

Now I want to incorporate an extended 47 hour fast every other week, I basically miss one meal.

I want to maintain an average of 1850 calories per day, Since my diet is so precise and EXACTLY THE SAME, just the EVOO changes, I thought of two ways to get the same calories.

I will miss the Saturday morning meal


1/ Friday and Sunday meals I share the calories evenly so that will be an additional (1850/2=)925

2/I split the 1850 calories and add them to my none fasting days. So in 14 days with 1 day missing a meal means, (1850/13=)142 calories added to my normal days, so 1850+142 = 1992 calories.


I would like the advice of members of this community.

Is it better to keep my calorie lower and just take option 1, so my body only sees a surge in calories for a shorter time or from the perspective of CR is it better to increase my normal day calories?

does anyone have any thoughts? does anyone do something similar to implement extended water fasts?

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So I been thinking about this.

My concern is this, if I share the calories over the other days, my body will think that's the new normal and will kick out of survival mode. Feels as though I'll lose the benefits associated with CRON because my body is more relaxed for more of the time.

But If I split the calories for the fast day and have half the day before and half the day after, My body doesn't have time to adapt to this surplus as this will only be once a week.

I'm going to split it over two days.

I would love people's opinions about which is better option if I want to maintain the benefits of CR. Does anyone have any studies looking into this?


Plan B isn't an option LOL. I realised I have to consume 215g EVOO on two of the 14 days. I doubt I can stomach that much EVOO. damn, it has to be option 1 then. only way to do the fasts

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I would let your bodyweight dictate on how things play out here in terms of option 1 or option 2. To me, the bigger concern is consuming that much fat through a source that is processed. I know that EVOO is certainly better than butter and is probably the best source of processed oil there is, but when it makes up that much of your diet I do worry about this quite a lot. Why not go for almonds, avocados, walnuts, cocoa, hazelnuts, macadamias, etc? I noticed in another thread that your BMI is 17ish. That is definitely about as low as someone should go. Personally I think it's fine to be there, but I wouldn't drop any lower and would consider going a nudge higher actually (but to each his own here).

I am also curious what the balance of your diet looks like. In another thread I see that you mentioned lentils, legumes, and barley, which are all excellent foods to include in a CR plan. I do wonder about what else you might be including since a broad array of phytonutrients are probably required for health and longevity. As far as I can see there isn't anything else, yet leafy greens, berries, seeds, cruciferous vegetables, allium family vegetables, and so forth are just such rich/abundant sources of phytonutrients and you are missing out on these key items and more. 

Kuddos to the OMAD meal plan though. I've done it at various points and am currently not in the habit. For me, it was truly a habit I needed to do everyday with no exceptions or I would immediately fall off the bandwagon.

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I've added my cronometer for today.






I have created a spreadsheet with more accurate data taken from ingredients packets.
I eat the vegetables raw, around 900g a day. I cover all the micronutrients except zinc but I'm not fussed about zinc, being on CRON and OMAD should reduce my RDA compared to the standard.
Would love your opinion on my latest diet.

I've maintained this eating plan for past 3 months without fail. The only thing I've been adjusting is my barley and lentils. I started off with 180g of each! and slowly over time I've reduced to 55g each and replaced those calories with EVOO.

My end goal is near! I want to reduce to 50g each and that will be my "Life Diet". It might sound unimaginable but I plan to eat this everyday, nothing changing. The meal is like heaven every time I eat it.

The amount of EVOO I'm consuming is ALLOT, I understand that but my diet is very clean. I don't microwave food, I eat it straight out of the fridge. I don't cook my barley , just soak it overnight and eat. The lentil I cook on medium heat for 6 minutes. I spent a year optimising this. I've got my omega3 to omega 6 at 1 : 1.05 ratio

forgetting how I get my extra calories, do you think my CRON benefits are better with option 1 so I keep my 1850 calories except increase those on Saturday and Monday. Or add to my baseline over the other 13 days?

by my estimation I'll consume around 45 litres of EVOO a year LMAO. I've been thinking I should allow myself to be studied. I honestly have done this for past 3 months and I'm very strict with everything. I measure everything. I have timings.

Please advise on what's better for CR and give your reasoning. Thankyou so much!

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