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Hello Everyone


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Hello All,

I'm new around here and just happy I've found a group of people that share the same sense of urgency to longevity and overall health-span. I've spent several years eating what some would consider a "strict" diet, but all of my dietary decisions have been supported by a mountain of studies. Calorie restriction isn't something I've practiced, but something I've been keeping a keen eye on and I'm seriously considering incorporating it into my diet. So here I am!

I won't bore you all with details about myself, but I think we all deserve a longer life and healthier one for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones. 


Happy to be here!

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Greetings.  There is considerable debate about the right BMI and even the value more generally of serious CR.  I lean toward the camp (based on published studies) that suggest a BMI from 20 to 22 is probably best, and either higher end of that or more going into old age (over 75ish).


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I don't agree.  I think that serious calorie restriction, with adequate nutrients, is the best strategy for maximum healthspan and lifespan -- as it is for most non-human animals.

The two members of the CR Society that I know who follow this regimen most strictly are Khurram HaShime and Micael Rae -- you can find Michael's recommendations in the archives.

Anyway, welcome to the CR Society Forums!

   --  Saul


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Ironically serious calorie restriction doesn't even work in MOST types of mice, and meal composition and timing are likely more important than CR alone even in cases where CR has been shown to work.  I highly recommend this lecture by a leading expert on CR 44:30 It is NOT TRUE that the more CR the better. Talks about study showing how 40% CR did not result in increased longevity for 2/3rds of the subtypes of mice tested. 20% CR is optimal for many strains of mice. Biomarkers are key for determining what the optimal CR level is. You must have sufficient energy to promote longevity.

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