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How do you find/supplement vegan collagen sources? Do you experiment with it?

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I agree with the critics, I searched and searched amazon a while ago for some plant-derived collagen but, as discussed in the linked forum, it's simply against the laws of nature.

My purpose was triggering the growth of cartilage/tendon tissues. I renounced basically because I don't like the idea of taking bone broths and because the physiotherapist I hired for a few sessions told me that he has many omnivore patients with cartilage/tendons issues.

AFAIK, the better molecule for cartilage and tendons growth appears to be HGH, which is of course anti-longevity. 

Skin: I just listened to one of the many interviews with Steve horvath on his work with various epigenetic clocks. Epidermal keratinocites, components of the skin tissue, appear to react to rapamycin with a slowing of the epigenetic clock (which oen I do not remember). Interestingly, blood cells if I remember right do not react to Rapa on the epigenetic clocks.

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