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Green Tea Is Associated With Reduced All-Cause Mortality Risk

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How do you count it if you steep the same 7g of green tea twice in a day? There's some dilution

What if you just *eat* the tea leaves? (it's not that hard to just eat 1-2 g of tea leaves, I've done it)

https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/how-to-pick-a-healthy-tea (agh they fall into anti-GMO hype but w/e)

I recently bought 115g (4oz) of green tea. Am about to finish it *all* in like, 4-5 days. It's nice to know that this high amount is about as much as I am capable of drinking in a day *and* does not appear too worrisome, esp b/c my consumption is very intermittent rather than daily.

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I wish matcha was included. It's a concentrated form of green tea and thus it's more potent (and it also contains more caffeine). Just like tea, matcha does not seem to interfere with fasting.

I drink it after my coffee in the morning but also add it to a mix of spices I consume daily and that works out to another 2g per day. My spice mix won't win any taste competitions, primarily because of the addition of olive leaf powder, but the matcha powder doesn't help much either.

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