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Does anyone remember an issue of perhaps Scientific American or Time devoted to CR?


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This issue  I believe was in the 90's.  I had the issue at one time, but no longer do.  Does anyone remember it or what it was called? I am not sure if it was a total Calorie Restriction issue or an Anti-Aging issue with with Calorie Restriction as the main topic.  I would like to attain this issue, if anyone remembers it or what it was called. 

I went to the Scientific American website and couldn't find anything close.  I am not even sure if they will sell an old individual issue with purchasing a $199 dollar digital subscription

It may have been one of those Time special issues about a topic that they have from time to time.  

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I can't seem to recall a whole issue on CR.

Might you be thinking of this interview by Alan Alda with Roy Walford for Scientific American Frontiers? 


Here is the video from the episode. 


Let us know if you find what you are looking for! 


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On 2/14/2023 at 4:27 PM, Dean Pomerleau said:

Alan Alda was a very cool dude

That's awesome that you were on the show!!  Veering off topic, but did you see the full self driving superbowl ad?  😉

It was made by billionaire Dan O’Dowd who has his own competing self driving software from what I understand (?)

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Yes I saw it. Musk is irresponsible with so-called 'Autopilot' and so-called 'Full Self-driving" so I agree with D'Dowd that more than should be done to regulate Tesla.

As I understand it O'Dowd doesn't sell self-driving software per se, but the company he owns (Green Hill Software) sells embedded, low-level safety and security software (operating systems) to a range of companies deveoping safety critical systems, including Telsa competitors in the areas of self-driving cars. 

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