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Need a physician to prescribe sildenafil, 50mg, once daily, to Mark Cuban's Pharmacy, Cost Plus Pharmacy


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Dear ALL,

Mark Cuban, one of the "sharks" on the popular TV show "Shark Tank", has, as a public service, created a pharmacy that sells prescription medications at lower prices than are usually available, not requiring insurance.

Sildenafil is usually prescribed for either male erectile dysfunction, or pulmonary hypertension.  I have neither problem.  But the drug also has the effect of increasing peripheral circulation -- for example, in the hands.

I have a problem of low peripheral circulation in my hands; they get excessively cold in cold weather -- sometimes fingers turning blue.  I've manages to get 30 sildenafil 50mg tablets, that have greatly helped with the problem.  But I will run out of these pills soon.  My insurance supplied 18 of the pills, a few of which are left; but won't supply more for 3 months.

Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Company will supply 90 of the pills very inexpensively -- but I need a physician to send a prescription for the drug to Cost Plus.  (My doctor isn't doing this.)

So I'm looking for a physician who will send a prescription to Cost Plus.

Help appreciated.

  --  Saul

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Saul, like Dean above, I am also puzzled why your doctor would not prescribe it -- from reading your posts over the last few years, you sound perfectly reasonable and of sounder judgment than many, and you bring up a valid off-label purpose.

Unless there is a counter-indication or a significant potential of harm that cause your doctor's reluctance, I'd look into something like Teladoc. I've never used them, but they seem to get good reviews.

Otherwise, I'd be really surprised if someone here writes a prescription without establishing a proper professional relationship, as otherwise I could see potential regulatory, as well as significant legal issues.

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Hi Dean and Ron!

My nephrologist approved my taking of sildenafil, 50mg, once daily -- it replaces one of the two Lasix 20mg pills that I take every morning.  He sent a prescription for a 3 month supply of the drug, 3X renewable, to my insurance, Excellus.  Excellus filled the prescription -- but only sent 18 pills, not 90.  They will not renew the prescription for 3 months -- and then they'll only send another 18 pills.

So I've been trying to get one of the three physicians that I see (my primary, my nephrologist or my endocrinologist) to send the same prescription to Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Pharmacy.  So far, none of the three has done this.  I have only 9 pills left.

So I'm trying to find a doctor or nurse practitioner to send such a prescription.


  --  Saul


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Hope it works out, Soul.

Cuban's is an interesting and promising concept, but because of the insurance structure, not as disruptive as I first thought. Still the US badly needs a change:

Mark Cuban’s Online Pharmacy Projected To Disrupt The Prescription Drug Market, But There Are A Few Caveats [Update] (forbes.com)

Two of my dog's heart medications are available, and I am switching, as the savings are close to $100 compared to local pharmacies.

I guess it may not totally disrupt the industry yet other than for generics and for those with high deductibles, but if the word spreads it will disrupt the pet drug industry 🙂

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My primary physician sent the prescription (for sildenifal, 50mg, 90 pills) to Mark Cuban's Cost Plus drug Store.  I paid for it on-line ($10.20  -- for 90 pills!!!!, plus $5 for shipping).   The downside:  The pills won't arrive until about March 6 (13 days).  (They do have expedited shipping, that arrives somewhat sooner.)

  --  Saul

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Fantastic!  90 50mg pills cost $10.50, plus $5 shipping.  The order was delivered within a few days.  Renewal will be easy.  (Cuban's site didn't accept my insurance -- but who needs it when the out-of-pocket cost is so low?  I'm considering renewing my other two prescriptions thru Cuban's site, when I need to -- again, cheaper than using insurance.)

The caveat:  Cuban's site doesn't (yet) have the most expensive drugs in its offerings.  E.g., they don't sell Forteo, Tymlos or Evenity, the three bone building drugs.

    --  Saul

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