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How many of you are permanently single/childfree, #foreveralone, or Never Married?

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how many people in longevity are #foreveralone? It really affects me a lot (esp as more people I know get partners) and it would help me a lot more emotionally if i knew more people who were never married, esp b/c I'll probably never form a nuclear family (i hate the time investment involved with family). I aim to be cute af so I can be serially adopted, if anything (I was already adopted once, but I don't know how much time I have left with the family I'm currently in)
If it's any consolace to this, numerous people tell me "i have the highest social bandwidth of anyone they know", and tbh this is not the most important thing (what's more important is when I see frienddrift from people who get in relationships, though interestingly enough in some rare cases [usually psychedelic couples] they sometimes bring THEIR partner/boyfriend closer to me)
one of my favorite answers ever (next to my homeschooling one) - https://www.quora.com/Which-notable-people-have-never-married-stayed-single-their-entire-life/answer/Alex-K-Chen (edited) 
tbf, short AI timelines will make short work of nuclear families for "the generation that matters" near-term anyways 🙂
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Perhaps you should look into the new AI companions, such as Replika. Instant love and acceptance, with no required upfront heavy time investment. Before going too deep down this rabbit hole though, might want to hold off for models you can run on your own hardware, to avoid the risk of losing access or features. For example Replika recently pivoted to remove a lot of erotic features, which hurt a lot of its customers emotionally apparently according to this article I read today:



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