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What are your blood folate/folic acid levels? What levels are optimal?

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I think, such level just tells that you eat diet rich in folates, for the last several weeks. Nothing strange for a person from these forums. When I had a lab close to my location that did more tests I saw my values higher than lab normal range for blood and platelet folate values while serum and hematocrit folate values were just high norm, similar to yours or mine with a simple serum test you have.

AFAIR the recommendation regarding folates sounds like - there is no known way to make harm if you are getting your level from food. So I don't care about my platelets have more than normal but at the same time I am avoiding multivits with any form of extra folate.

I have mild mthfr inefficiency but I think it doesn't matter, food rich in folates covers this part of methylation topics in the best known way.




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