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The extracellular vesicles (EVs) thread

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wow this sounds SO much similar to RDW




3.3. EVs Cargoes, Concentrations, and Sizes in Aging and Age-Related Pathologies

Like senescent cells, damaged cells tend to release more EVs [88,89,90]. Although EV cargo reflects their parental cell, EV cargo becomes more heterogeneous when derived from damaged or senescent cells instead of healthy cells [63]. Therefore, these cargoes could also be used as biomarkers of aging and age-associated diseases [7,48]. A recent study showed that plasma from young and old mice presents EVs with different cargoes, concentrations, and sizes [7,81]. Thus, aging and its associated diseases can modify the released number of EVs and their cargo, thereby compromising homeostasis [19]. Recently, other studies have shown that particle number and size delivery depend on cell derivation and senescence triggers [7]. Of interest, EV content is heterogeneous and depends on the type of EV and the aging microenvironment. Therefore, due to the ubiquitous presentation or tissue-specific manner, this cargo could also be used as a biomarker of the elderly and aging-associated diseases [7,48]. Accordingly, the heterogenous EV content in aging is a potential biomarker of age-associated diseases in the elderly [7,48].


michael greger has more to say in his last book
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