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Resveratrol did we get it wrong!

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This podcast shows research indicating David Sinclair recommendations for Resveratrol dosages were way off the chart. According to the podcast cited research much lower levels have impressive results for longevity. Higher levels are downright worthless. Could this partly explain the red wine effect? Perhaps. Sinclair take 1000 mg. The research cited here strongly suggest much lower levels for longevity in the 30-100 mg range.



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I assume ChatGPT is able to crunch through a lot of materials (until 2021) and conclude on that, obviously it can't detect sophisticated things like manipulations or systemic errors and the quality of the answer is depending on the quality of the input data but for the sake of curiosity I asked it:


what doses of resveratrol are demonstrated to have effect on measurable health parameters?


The recommended daily dosage of resveratrol for humans ranges from 500 mg to 3000 mg, depending on the health parameters being targeted. Generally speaking, lower doses are used to support general health while higher doses are needed to achieve a therapeutic effect.


It sounds very similar to the omega-3 topic - there is a measurable effect on parameters in the doses called therapeutic but the question if the whole thing is not a paramater hacking that is useless for the final goals is IMHO far from being answered.

I personally am very sceptic about resveratrol at all, but this is based on the trajectory of the topic visible from 2023, not on some persuading studies etc.






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