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ION Panels (eg Kalish Institute) to test *all* amino acids and oxidative stress levels?


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Geneva Diagnostics is a source. YouTube shows a lot

They cost $600, but the *sheer number* of blood tests on rare metabolites that they give you makes this well more worth it than almost all other blood tests.

Has anyone gotten a test/report yet? I'm thinking of finally getting it (mostly bc Dayan Goodenowe).. => they may be a way to find out on some rare nutrient deficiencies that may haunt you later if you don't diagnose them early (eg I found out about my plasmalogen deficiencies through OpenCures)

They're also great to test after interventions (eg, how about trying them right after rapamycin + melatonin megadoses?) It's a much better feedback loop than other blood tests esp b/c the standard panels barely say anything about calorie-restricted or otherwise ultra-healthy individuals (Mike Lustgarten still isn't a teenager...) so one has to look at the more detailed panels, and ION panels are WAY cheaper/easier to get than proteomics/metabolomics.

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  • InquilineKea changed the title to ION Panels (eg Kalish Institute) to test *all* amino acids and oxidative stress levels?

I got the Genova Nutreval panel and was pleasantly surprised my insurance covered it as they have denied some more mainstream tests.  I found it useful although I had to put a fair amount of effort into understanding the tests and the physiology behind them to interpret my results.  I think many of their interpretations are based on statistically average people and I am an outlier.

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The second link states - urine.

Ideally hunting for these things should be done in pair - blood and urine because a lot of things are not "buffered" or kept in a strict homeostasys like e.g. ca (backed by bones) or glu (backed by stores and neogenesys) or chole (backed by synthesys). The second link mentions urine, so the question is only - if they get also blood. In my area the similar/same test is done just with urine and to interpret it sometimes serum aminoacids are desirable to have in the same pair.

The problem with these things is that their report could be useful somehow but more substantial details are available in a textbook created by an analysts who worked from the dawn time of this methodology:

Laboratory Evaluations
for Integrative and Functional Medicine

Richard S. Lord
J. Alexander Bralley

2012 by Genova Diagnostics


Unfortunately there is no 3rd edition for it, perhaps there could be much more details already known.

And the worst thing IMHO - many chemistry textbooks and a lot of digs will be needed when observations are not easily fit into the book's above study cases (in my case BCAA burning and energy B vits tuning is a puzzle). That is not for unprepared researchers.

For me the thing that prevents this type of analysis to be a useful tool is its price - so many moving parts covered thus man needs to do a lot of iterations of tune-check-change-check-repeat and paying for such an analysis every time is not convenient.

But for the sake of curiosity it could be done few times. Maybe backing it by external paid interpretation service but the ice is very thin here and it is easy to lose money and be misled by an analyst.




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