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ION Panels (eg Kalish Institute) to test *all* amino acids and oxidative stress levels?


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Geneva Diagnostics is a source. YouTube shows a lot

They cost $600, but the *sheer number* of blood tests on rare metabolites that they give you makes this well more worth it than almost all other blood tests.

Has anyone gotten a test/report yet? I'm thinking of finally getting it (mostly bc Dayan Goodenowe).. => they may be a way to find out on some rare nutrient deficiencies that may haunt you later if you don't diagnose them early (eg I found out about my plasmalogen deficiencies through OpenCures)

They're also great to test after interventions (eg, how about trying them right after rapamycin + melatonin megadoses?) It's a much better feedback loop than other blood tests esp b/c the standard panels barely say anything about calorie-restricted or otherwise ultra-healthy individuals (Mike Lustgarten still isn't a teenager...) so one has to look at the more detailed panels, and ION panels are WAY cheaper/easier to get than proteomics/metabolomics.

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I got the Genova Nutreval panel and was pleasantly surprised my insurance covered it as they have denied some more mainstream tests.  I found it useful although I had to put a fair amount of effort into understanding the tests and the physiology behind them to interpret my results.  I think many of their interpretations are based on statistically average people and I am an outlier.

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