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AnthropoAge: Biological Age Prediction Without Blood Testing

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20 hours ago, Mike Lustgarten said:

Great data mccoy!

Thanks, in my case, the lean appendicular mass as expressed by thigh and bicep circumference seems to be the factor slowing the accelerator down. Based only on BMI and waist, my S-anthropoage index would be about -3


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The index seems to be pretty sensitive to lean appendicular mass. If I decrease thigh circumference from 54 to 51 and biceps from 37 to 30.5 S-Anthropoage and Anthropoage are identical, I also subtracted some bodyweight allowing for the muscle loss in thighs and arms, about 8 kg


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I don't know if there is there is a formula somewhere, it would be interesting to calculate the sensitiveness of the index to the various input parameters.

It seems more sensitive to muscle mass than to BMI, confirming this way the at least relative validity of the muscle centric hypothesis supported by Dan Layman and Peter Attia, for people my age


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