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Who here has gotten/not gotten COVID?


How many times have you had Covid-19?   

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  1. 1. How many times have you had Covid-19?

    • Never
    • Once
    • 2 or More Times

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J/w, would be interesting to get a poll (and it can say something about the health profiles of people here, esp b/c COVID can produce lingering long-term effects).

I still have not gotten it [1], despite one very close call right before I got vaccinated. Have been double-boosted by now and it seems unlikely I’ll ever get it. Most people I know have gotten it, some multiple times (but a few lucky ones escaped it)

[1] I could have gotten an asymptotic infection, but no one in my household got it either, which I guess is just an insane level of luck…

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I got it last August, the symptoms was a very runny nose, for a week. After that, I had multiple episodes of runny nose, which previously happened much more rarely. But I only checked the presence of the virus with a home kit the first time. 

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When my vaccinated wife came down with covid I gave her a long kiss to see if I could get it too.  I hardly developed any cold symptoms but I did have very unusual muscle and joint pain for 2 days.  Others with my disease SBMA have told me they also experienced muscle pain and weakness with both covid and the vaccinations so I am glad I only had to deal with it once.  I like to do several strength training sessions every day and while covid wasn't bad enough to not exercise it held me back enough to make those sessions likely pointless.

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7 hours ago, Dean Pomerleau said:

I added a poll to the thread. 

I responded once but I am not certain that is correct.  My wife tested repeatedly to confirm her case and when she was past it as required by her work to be allowed to return.  I never bothered to get tested as it was clear from my wife's testing one needed repeated tests to have much certainty as the results were not very consistent.  So I may never have had it or maybe I had it many times without ever knowing it.

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I definitely had it once and it was pretty bad (but comparable to a bad flu), but I don't think I have any long term consequences as a result. I was good at isolating when I got it and didn't spread it to the rest of my family.  But then months later we took a trip to Chicago and were eating breakfast in a hotel where someone was coughing like crazy, several days after that the entire rest of my family were infected but I had immunity then and didn't get any symptoms which was convenient because I had to take care of them and it was again pretty bad. My mother in law was with us and also infected, since she is in her 70s, overweight and in poor health I honestly thought she might not survive, she had such a bad sore throat she couldn't talk and she also couldn't get out of bed or eat for 3 days. But I got her one of the two treatment drugs with emergency FDA approval and she started improving almost immediately after that and eventually had a full recovery (hard to say if there were long term consequences as she already had memory problems and some dimentia).

Antibody testing showed the majority of Americans got it. I'm guessing many of you who think you never had it probably did and just had mild symptoms or no symptoms.


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I haven't had it that I am aware of. I do sometimes question if the testing was accurate though (at the least the rapid tests). I was sick one time where I lost my sense of taste and I do not recall that ever happening in my life prior - the test was negative for COVID but it really did make me wonder. My work required me to be exposed to a large number of people throughout the pandemic and although I never tested positive that I was aware of, I suspect I was almost certainly a carrier at some point(s). 

I had 4 doses of the Pfizer vaccine (the original 2 shot combo + 2 boosters down the road), but don't plan on getting future COVID vaccines at this point. 

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On 6/6/2023 at 4:28 AM, drewab said:

I haven't had it that I am aware of. I do sometimes question if the testing was accurate though (at the least the rapid tests)

PCR tests, especially at the 40+ cycles that were used for the first year because of the FDAs absurd politicized recommendations, have positive results if any traces are found, dead or alive, without symptoms. It's why we have these absurd Covid death stats. The rapid tests also generally will give predominantly false positives, I've seen it as high as 60%, depending on the manufacturer. Chances are that you did not have Covid if the test was negative, but some other bug.

I was immunized very early on with Novavax and have had a total of three doses, including a booster about a year and a half ago. I have never tested positive (and have not really felt sick) even though I generally did not wear a mask and travelled extensively, including in Africa at the start of Omicron early 2022. I am sure it's luck, or I simply did not have symptoms, although the latter is unlikely as I was forced to take numerous PCR tests in order to be able to fly.

I hope I never witness this collective madness again, but as all involved are busy sweeping their abuse of power under the rug, and most of the media is complicit, I am not holding my breath.

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