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What are your favorite *restaurants*? (perhaps large portion sizes, tasty, EVOO, low-heat/raw, high-spice, and finding a way to put taste into low-calorie veggies)

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I was once taken to one in Baltimore that was very impressive. It had raw veggies.

Also, Andy’s in Rye, NY is what livingthecrway person often visits

An issue is that when restaurants (or EA events, or the dining halls of elite private universities) often fry their vegetables and make them delicious. It’s unclear how bad fried vegetables are on net, and because I repress my diet in so many other ways, I unload my repression on fried vegetables and nuts, if readily available… (even if raw vegetables are also alternatives)

I know loads of veg*n restaurants, and am usually not super-impressed often because they don't use the healthiest cooking methods.

[I know of many veg*n restaurants like Life Alive and Clover, and am not super-impressed with them). Grasshopper restaurant in Boston baits me harder.

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My favorite restaurants are not restaurants, but rather cafeteria-like services, often found along highways, which have an amount of food already available. Many of'em have a wide choice of cooked vegetables and salads and sometimes I'm barely able to eat what's in the dish.

I really dislike traditional restaurants where you have to wait, unless the wait is part of the game, like in marriages or celebrations.

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