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Found a semaglutide source. Does anyone want to stockpile just in case?


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Maybe I do not understand the reasons to do it, I checked quickly and found no even very weak reason to stockpile it for a healthy person.

Here is an assessment that claims 30 months shelf-life for a serious product https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/documents/assessment-report/rybelsus-epar-public-assessment-report_en.pdf

What shelf-life will be for gray-marketed unknown quality product is the question right next to the question of risks with taking not essential but rather "additional line" drug.

Few years ago I was curious for shelf life of wellknown antibiotics and they had comparable _tested_ shelf life in average, so I suspect that semaglutide will have even shorter in reality but that is obviously just a guess.

Am I missing something essential in this topic?



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Fatigue, but not much else. You're taking *more* risk from eating more food (all food has risk associated with it) than from reducing your consumption from semaglutide. If it's too much for you, you can stop the next week.

I injected 15% of 5mg on Nov20 and still feel appetite-suppressing effects. The doses needed for CR are way lower (and act way more quickly) than the doses needed for weight loss.

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