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Any Tips?

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My name is Fred. I've posted on here quite a few times in the past (years ago) and am thinking about trying to wean myself onto a CR diet yet again. I remember the fun challenge of trying to get the most nutrients in the fewest calories the first time I attempted to start the diet.


My question is this -- What kinds of foods would you recommend I eat to get the most nutrition while on the diet? I know that green leafy vegetables are the best choice, so I am basing my diet on salads (mostly cabbage, romaine and spinach). What should I add to the salad to get the most nutrition? I have tried Cronometer but I get frustrated easily and know it's easier to simply ask the question on here and get quick answers from long-time practitioners. What are the basic foods I should add to the salad to get the best results??


I would appreciate any and all feedback.

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Broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, are foods which spring up in my mind...

There is also the ANDI score from Dr. fuhrman, which is meant as a ranking of foods according to their micronutrient content per calories. I think it's a qualitative score, where one thousand is the max. Top vegetables have the maximum micronutrients per calorie according to Fuhrman



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