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Best options for personal health records


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Hi everyone,


For a variety of reasons (mostly because I'm so nomadic!), I'd like to have all my medical records organized and in electronic form. I first started thinking about this because of the various "crowd-sourced" health research studies that are beginning to take off, and which I want to participate in. But then I realized it would be extremely useful, when meeting a new doctor in a new country (or when I'm on the way to the hospital because of an acute emergency...) to be able to give him/her a URL along with some login info, or hand them my smartphone with a mobile health application running. "Patient history? Here you go!"


In any event, I'm wondering whether anyone has looked into this and could make some recommendations or has any thoughts. I should note that I'm not so worried about security, though I don’t see any great disadvantage to having the information stored locally on one of my devices, as long as I can hand it over to the relevant researcher/health care provider. If there's any criterion that matters to me it's adherence to a standard that's likely readable by as many other health record management software packages – and health record management software packages in development – as possible.










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Guest Matt C.

I am using HealthTek app (from Android google play) - this app lets me upload my health history to the cloud and then get it from anywhere by scanning QR code or through a browser



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