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Ultra Low Cal Diet To Get My Health Back


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HI, I live in LA/NYC and had a great experience just prior to Thanksgiving in which for about 12 days I did about 700 calories a day and started to feel so much better. I suffer from some kind of liver issue... maybe not diagnosable as hepatitis but something in that family. I have after decades of trying and trying, with conventional medicine, simply decided not to consult conventional doctors unless I really think they can add value. I do feel utterly confident that after these decades of reading, research and experiencing for myself, i know what will make me healthy. This is , basically, fasting. There is tons of literature available about it and so I am not going to enter into a defense of it. Also many M.D.s even support fasting, see Joel Fuhrman et al. Anyway: I need to fast altogether but have to learn to meet my emotional needs without food before that will become a success... or just I need to get a buddy and DO IT -- fasting, I mean. If you know what I am saying. That sometimes what seem to be big obstacles can be overcome pretty quickly with the right support. Anyway, I have at certain times in the past, fasted (4 days is my record, and if only I could do longer I would become so healed...), and also had periods of 500 cal or less and started to feel better... so I know this is the right road to health for me. I am new on this forum and wanted to see if anyone would get in touch for mutual support. I actually fasted the day of Thanksgiving and had a huge wonderful breakthrough emotionally from that. But then 1 day after Thanksgiving I was attacked by a "need" to consume certain foods which I have been very addicted to. I have now, as of today, Tuesday, December 5th, 13 days of Hell later, not pure hell but containing several days of overeating on these certain foods, which made me feel horrible emotionally and physically, anyway, I have NOW pulled myself out of that relapse and am back to 700 cal or less per day and only "clean" foods. The way I did it was to sit down and work very hard to figure out a "committed substitute" for the certain addictive foods I relapsed on. From now on I am committed to just doing the substitute I decided on -- no questions asked. Again, please message me here for support or email lcathf@gmail.com

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