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Nolan Shaheed extraordinary CR'ed runner

Paul McGlothin

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Jeff Teeters is an extraordinary fellow who contributes a lot to the CR Society. He’s the guy who comes to the conferences, records them and produces the CDs , which many of you enjoy.



A few years ago, Jeff sent me this handsome picture he had taken with the famous runner, Nolan Shaheed at the US National track Meet in Sacramento. I am going to try to post the picture in reply to this. Jeff let me know that Nolan has been following his own version of a CR diet for decades. He combines this with training for running. ( So far, I have had no luck in posting the picture).



Jeff described Nolan’s training method this way: “He trains 11 months each year, and rests one month. When in training (during the 11 months) he runs 6 days a week and rests one day a week. During the days he runs (6 days a week) he eats only one meal, immediately after he runs. Has nothing else except water until the

next meal. During the day he does not run (his rest day) he does not

eat. His general rule is "if I don't run, I don't eat".




“So, in summary, when he is in training, he has 6 meals a week, with

fasting between each meal. During the one month each year that he does not train, he eats only one meal every other day; that is, three to four meals a week.

Fasting between each meal.”




It is amazing to me that Shaheed can maintain his weight with this type of eating/exercise schedule. Jeff, if you are listening, if you ever find out what his meals consist of and how many calories he eats, please let us know.




Shaheed is not just any old runner: he breaks records for his age category. Take a look at this article about him in the N.Y. Times http://www.nytimes.c...shaheed-62.html




In general, I think running is deleterious to CR, however Nolan Shaheed may have found a way to make it work. Jeff speculates that Nolan wins so many races because his CR program has made him biologically younger than his competitors.




Thanks for sharing this with me, Jeff. I hope others here enjoy it.








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