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Anyone else eat once every 48 hours?


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I started trying to restrict calories during my three meals a day but then realized it was simply easier to skip a meal here and there verses get caught up in calorie counting. So I was eating only one, super-healthy meal at 6:30 pm every day and liking it - but lately I've intuitively wanted to eat my one healthy meal every 48 hours, instead of every 24 hours, so I've been doing that and it seems to be working for me. My only concern is that I seem to be a bit more extreme than other people here and I don't want to hurt my health. With my meal I do take Omega supplements and a good multi - and I make sure to get the nutrients I need with the meal. Anyone else like me? Thanks!

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Hello Hayley,

I have only been on Cr with optimal nutrition myself for six months so cannot speak as a voice of great experience.

Whilst maybe occasional alternate day eating would be ok i wonder long term if it would be detrimental.???

My main concern being getting the right amount of calories and nutrients in just one meal.

I eat 1800 calories a day , hypothetically if i were to follow your eating plan i would need to eat 3600 calories in one sitting.

This would not be possible if i were to be eating my usual large salads, raw or steam veggies, fruit and maybe a little fish.

The volume would be too much for one meal ........and therefore i would not be meeting my nutritional requirements.

Are you using cronometer? which i believe is essential, and incidentally i try to meet all my nutritional requirements from food without taking supplements and multi vitamins, however this is an individual choice which can be further guided by your chrono meter results/records.

Kind regards Paul

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Wow Hayley if your that disciplined to be able to eat every 48hrs. your capable of any layout plan that the seniors that have been doing this for yrs. advise you.!!!!

I commend you for being that disciplined even if they say that's a no no.

wish I had your willpower I don't think I've ever gone without food that long.Wow.

You are going to be great at this!!!!!! Your like the Top Gun or will be with proper coaching.

Yeah I'll watch your progress if I can track people on this thing.

I joined that cronometer last nite. my BMI is like 26.1 I think I have to loose like 20 lbs. or so. and it says I should eat 1,024 calories to get there.

O.k. back to the drawing board. nice meeting you thanks for the input,

Cactus....... :)

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yup i do , wanna increase it to one meal every 72 hours??? do such things for testing my own energy ,but i havnt gone beynd 48 hr mark i wanna form a group or say co person who wants 2 give it a try to extend it for 72 hrs..

       dentalktalk@yahoo.com if anyone wants 2 join up

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i have a plan to eat one time in a 3 days. now i eat 1 time in a 2 days easily. my record was 4 days. i did it several times. its not comfortable yet. vegetarian and keep dry diet, no water, no salt, no sugar... etc

1 day output in a week to relax. than eat 2 or 3 times, can drink juice ...

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Guest Richard

Hi hayley.

Your not alone out there i also dont eat for days then will have a big meal and then fast for days again. I find it helps me to lose weight. Ive lost 3 stone in a month. But i also walk for 1-2 hours a day with the dog. You do feel sick when u exercise but thats the point you need to get past it. I think the longest i e been without food was 5 days. I also dring our green tea.

I dont use milk or sugar at all.

Keep it up. Hang in thre chuck. Xx

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I'm slowly transitioning to every-other-day fasting. I'm eating more one day, less the next, then repeating. There isn't a lot of evidence on longer fasts -- and I'd like to see more even on EOD fasting! -- but so far, having decreased what I eat by 500 or so calories on one day, and increasing by 500 or the next, I feel good, and sense, in some vague way, that I'm getting "hormetic goodies" on the low-cal day. Tomorrow I move to 600 calories "quasi-fasting".


See Mattson's work on this, for ex:


Dose Response. 2014 Oct 20;12(4):600-18. doi: 10.2203/dose-response.14-028.Mattson. eCollection 2014.
Challenging oneself intermittently to improve health.


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