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CR Society recognized as Important to research

Paul McGlothin

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The CR Society Intl is recognized by multiple institutions for the value of using its members as participants in human calorie restriction studies.A new paper by Janet Tomiyama underscores the importance of using long-term serious calorie restrictors to study the longevity effects of calorie retriction.


Beyond interventions: caloric restriction as a scientific model.


Psychosom Med. 2012 Jul;74(6):665-6.


Tomiyama AJ.


Caloric restriction is a major component of most life-style interventions. Beyond its use as an intervention tool, caloric restriction can also serve as a scientific model to study important research questions. Caloric restriction in nonhuman animals can dramatically extend the life span, and this can also be tested in humans. In addition to conducting randomized controlled trials of caloric restriction, there is much knowledge to be gained by studying already existing conditions of very long-term caloric restriction. The Cronies, members from the Calorie Restriction Society, are one such model. In addition to studying biological markers relevant to aging in the Cronies, we can also study them to understand what makes them so successful at long-term eating behavior change. This information is invaluable given the difficulties people from the general population face in adhering to calorie reduction interventions.




Animal studies show that significant genetic changes take place when calorie restriction is practiced over the long term1.In fact, many of our members have practiced serious calorie restriction for a decade.or more.



If you wish to propose a calorie restriction research project or if you are able to help fund calorie restriction research, please contact


Paul McGlothin


Vice President Research







1. Gene expression and physiologic responses of the heart to the initiation and withdrawal of caloric restriction.


J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2006 Mar;61(3):218-31.



Dhahbi JM, Tsuchiya T, Kim HJ, Mote PL, Spindler SR.


PMID: 16567370


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