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Recipe list from book?


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Guest Alison Smalison

I thought I'd share this one - low cal superfood dessert that is so nutritious it can be eaten for breakfast:


You need sprouted bread (no flour, non-baked sprouted pumpernickel style - contains just sprouted grain packed into a tin and heated no higher than 40 degrees celsius). This produces a dense nutritious "bread" full of bioactive enzymes and low phytic acid. It carries about 68 calories per slice. If you do not have a source for this, it can be made at home, but that entails an extra few steps!


I am assuming you have the sprouted bread already. Then cut slices of it and arrange them around the edges of a large enough bowl. Squish the edges to get an even mold.

Fill with fresh berries of your choice and use defrosted frozen raspberries blended up as the sauce to soak into the sprouted bread. Cherries work well too as either the filling or blended for the sauce because the pectin in them is very binding.


Cover the pudding with another lay of sprouted bread and add more juice to it. Cover with a plate and weight it down with some heavy full jars or whatever.

Store in the fride for 24 hours.


To remove it from the mold, just run a bread knife around the edges gently. Then put the plate back and in a swift decisive but careful movement, flip the whole thing upside down so that the pudding sits on the plate. You should then be able to lift the bowl off (it may need a little prising).


This pudding is heavenly, very nutritious, entails no loss of antioxidants from heating, contains no fat or added sweeteners or processed foords and everyone loves it, even people not used to eating well!




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Guest Bob Cavanaugh

I just read the book The 120 Year Diet (maybe it was Beyond the 120 Year Diet) and was wondering if anyone had put together a shopping list for the recipes in the appendix. Also a printable form of the recipes would be a big help as well.




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Guest Bob Cavanaugh

If you have access to Windows XP or earlier editions, all the recipes are available in DWIDP software. You can generate shopping lists as well as enter your own recipes into the database.

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